Non-Shrink Grouting

Benefits of Non-Shrink Grouting:

GrouTech specialise in mixing and pumping huge volumes of fast setting non-shrink grouts and extremely quickly.  Very much more quickly than any other contractor to date!

Placing Shrinkage Compensation Grouts is difficult at the best of times. These grouts have a pot life of less than eight minutes.

GrouTech place 100 bags of fast setting grouts at a time, and in fact hold records showing the placement of some 484 bags in an hour!

We have developed the equipment, the professional people, and the methods to achieve this effectively. In winter, summer, on shore or off, above or below ground, even underwater.

If you want to place this type of grout quickly then ask for advice from GrouTech, you'll be very glad you did. We will provide you with many references for this type of work.

Contact GrouTech to get one of our professionals to provide you with a free no obligation overview on how our non-shrink grouting can help you.

  • GrouTech have purpose made equipment designed for high productivity non shrink grouting.
  • GrouTech have the fully trained personnel to not only operate the equipment but to successfully plan and run any Non shrink grouting job. Any size, anywhere.
  • GrouTech have developed the formal training sessions to train personnel in how to attend to this type of work.  Many references are available of formal training sessions completed to date.
  • GrouTech have, use and maintain the documented processes that work every time.