Severe Storms and Flooding

How we help repair and maintain infrastructure

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Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Subsided Concrete:

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GrouTech fill voids below industrial and commercial concrete slabs and structures.   We can lift concrete slabs and structures to restore levels and we can provide durable support for the slab.  This work is also attended to on Bridge Relieving Slabs and Culverts.

Damaged subsided, spalled, cracked or broken concrete slabs are a sure sign that voids exist below the concrete. 

If you manage a Warehouse or Industrial Complex, find out about the massive savings involved with our Pavement Maintenance Programs.

Technical Grouting:

We provide professional specialised contracting services to solidify and waterproof sand, seal rock and strata without having to excavate.

We pre-consolidate mine sites to maintain extraction production.   If you are an Engineer or Project Manager these new techniques will be of interest to you.

Do you need to place large volumes of Non-Shrink fast setting grout very quickly?  GrouTech have developed equipment, techniques, systems, & professional formally trained  staff  to place extremely large quantities of fast setting grouts very quickly.

Project Managers will need to be aware of how quickly large volumes of Non-Shrink grouts can be placed under turbines, gas compressors, and machinery etc.

Training Courses on all types of Grouting:

GrouTech provide professional consulting services and formal training for our clients on our existing projects.  All types of grouting can be covered. 

We can train existing staff formally in grouting methods.   Practical 'how to' lessons that are immediately applicable.    Learn the grouting theories and site practices that work.    This allows your project managers to be fully informed on the things to look for so the work is done correctly.   References available upon request.

Grouting News and Case Histories:

Details about previous projects and case histories can be found here, along with Newsworthy items, competition results, and project updates.  If it's about grouting, GrouTech are involved.

Photo Display:

Photos of job sites and types of very specialised grouting work we have undertaken.  These photos will be updated regularly for new and interesting projects as they are completed. 



GrouTech is a proud supporter of 2013 4KQ Variety Special Children Christmas Party.