Slab Edge Repairs

 Benefits of Slab Edge Repairs:

As the slabs move up and down they bind on each other and spall, crack or break off the slab edges. Our grouting services address void filling. However after the slabs are re-supported the edges need to be repaired to allow joint seals to be fitted properly.

The gap between the slabs must be correct to take care of the thermal expansion and contraction of the slabs. Edge repair is also a means of correcting the gap width.

Maintenance Managers, Engineers and Property Owners need to be aware of the real reasons why the majority of slab edge damage occurs. Voids below slabs is, by far, the most common primary reason for slab edge failure. This is because the slabs move up and down when traffic crosses them.

  • Reinstates the slab edge to allow joint seals to be installed with confidence. Joint seals are subsequently needed to reduce water ingress through the concrete slab joints.
  • Reinstates the slab edge to allow the joint gap to be corrected. Correct gap is required because slabs expand during the heat of the day and contract during the night. Too little gap causes the seal to be crushed during the day and debonded overnight.
  • Gap width is also important depending on the diameter of the wheels in use in the factory. Wide gaps and small wheels damage slab edges due to point loads. This problem is very much worse if the slabs move as well.