Total Slab Maintenance

Benefits of the GrouTech Slab Maintenance Program:

Slabs can be maintained so that you can defer the huge costs of getting old slabs removed and new slabs installed.

Our Slab Maintenance Programs consists of three stages...

First, we visit to your Industrial or Commercial site to professionally identify the causes of your slab cracking and it's subsidence problems. We then provide you with a no obligation proposal to rectify the problems, and await your instructions to proceed or not. This is a totally free service to this point.

Second, we provide a 30 minute free seminar to you and your chosen operations/ maintenacne personnel on the causes of slab failure, and from a hands on very practical point of view.

This half hour seminar can identify for you ways to save 80% or more of your yard maintenance costs.

Third, we then supply a periodic visit to your premises to monitor the slabs performance in our Slab Maintenance Program.  This will be every 3 to 9 months depending on the nature of the three components that determine how volatile your slab movements can be...

  • Nature and quality of slab
  • Water and related movements under the slab; and
  • Dynamic loads above the slab.

The programme costs just $99 for each scheduled visit and has been shown to prevent very expensive problems by identifying and fixing them in a much more timely fasion.

So contact GrouTech to get one of our professionals to provide you with a free no obligation overview on how we can secure a longer life for your slabs.

  • Avoid unnecessary replacement costs and associated disruption.
  • We visit your site, identify and record any problems with your slabs and their performance and the first time is free, with just $99 per maintenance inspection after that.
  • We enter your site onto our computer database which flags us at a predetermined time in future to re-visit your site and monitor it's performance against the records mentioned above - free of charge.
  • We prepare a detailed no obligation cost proposal upon the first visit to your site - absolutely free.
  • We deliver the written proposal to you along with a free half hour seminar on How and Why our Pavement Maintenance Programs will save you up to 80% of your yard maintenance costs.
  • If you accept our proposal we will provide you with copies of the yard plan and site records. We then, and only after you are satisfied, attend to all of the work as noted in your proposal. This work will be a combination of the application of our developed products.
  • But then we will then re-visit your site at the computer flagged time and continue to monitor your site for you.
  • This includes a written report each time but these predetermined visits cosy only $99. These visits are by our experienced staff.  Scheduled visit times depends on the state of your slabs and more importantly the causal factors.  They typically range from six months to two year intervals or as often as you like.
  • Our reports will show you the cost savings as they occur. This is invaluable if you are a property manager and want to show your clients how you are saving them.
  • Any new work identified, is recorded on the site plan and a proposal including repair cost is again generated for you. You are under no obligation to attend to the work as proposed but if you choose not to, then we can't guarantee the savings noted above.