Industrial Grouting


The following is an overview of each of the Industrial and Commercial grouting  products / services. 

Each is a stand alone product,  but you will see that they all compliment each other with one thought in mind.   Our aim is to stop your concrete slabs from subsiding, moving, cracking and breaking up.

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Backfill grouting is the art of pumping grouts below slabs, behind walls, under roadways, around pipes, and in fact anywhere a void exists.  This is required to stop the movement damaging the structure.


MudJacking is the grouting process used to lift concrete slabs and structures back to near original level conditions.   MudJacking is the only process that allows control on when and where the lift occurs.  

Slab Edge Repairs

Concrete slabs move up and down due to the voids below them.  When they bind on each other they break pieces off the edges.  The slab edges need to be repaired to allow Joint Seals to be fitted properly and in turn work effectively for much greater periods.  
Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing is done to stop as much water as possible from getting below the slabs or structure.  It is also needed to stop fines from being pumped from below the slabs removing support.   When water gets into voids below slabs it causes the existing voids to grow larger and faster.  When the voids below the slabs are backfill grouted, it is questionable if sealing will be required.
Total Slab Maintenance

Tying all of the above products together as one service is our Pavement Maintenance Program.  But it is more.  Pavement Maintenance Programs are a commercial agreement in which we are charged with the responsibility of Inspecting your property, providing a proposal to maintain, and at predetermined intervals reinspecting the property to ensure you are kept worry free.  The greatest value from this combined process dramatically reduces your Industrial or Commercial Property maintenance and running costs.