Joint Sealing

 Benefits of Joint Sealing:

When slabs move up and down they distort Joint seals severely.

This distortion is the PRIMARY REASON why seals fail prematurely. GrouTech have addressed this problem by grouting the slabs and filling the voids below.  This stops the vertical movement and reduces the distortion to an insignificant amount.

After this is done Joint seals need to be fitted into properly cleaned and prepared Joints with the correct width to depth ratio to perform as intended. When all of these things are managed effectively the seals will last longer on your site than ever before. This makes our process the most economical available!

So contact GrouTech to get one of our professionals to provide you with a free no obligation overview on how we can secure your slab edges.

  • Stops water intrusion below slab to help protect and prolong the life of the sub-base.
  • Stops industrial waste fluids from getting below the slabs meeting environmental guidelines and allowing time for clean up.
  • Helps to keep the sub-base and fines below the slab. Pumping slabs remove fines from below, allowing voids to become larger, which allows the slabs to pump more, which in turn distorts the seals and destroys them. An accelerating cycle....