Pre-Consolidation Grouting Overview (Click)


Benefits of Pre-Consolidating Fault Zones:

Faults in strata in coal mines can and do cause cave ins. if the coal buries the Longwall Mining Machine it takes days if not weeks to dig it out and start production again.  Millions are lost per day due to the these delays.

GrouTech has been instrumental in drilling and grouting from the Maingate, Tailgate, or the surface to pre-consolidate fault seams as a means to help manage these cave ins.

More information may be found in ACARP PROJECT C7017 : "Consolidation Grouting of Fault Zones in Longwall Mines".

This particular ACARP project was undertaken at North Goonyella Coal Mine Queensland.

This process has been quite successful to date and although the application is still in it's infancy it is obvious that the processes do work.   Again GrouTech avoids harmful, toxic and inflammable chemical grouts and believe these products should no longer need to be used.

Professional Foundation Grouting services have not been known to mining companies and it is obvious they could use the experience of civil engineering contractors.  These contractors have been very successfully, and have developed very provable and competent grouting processes in dam sites for many years. The develpment of the processes needed to effectively place cement based grouts is now being utilised and adapted for coal mining work.  Groutech leads the way in the adaption of this process into the mining industry.

Contact GrouTech and one of our professionals will provide you with a no obligation overview on how we can secure your panel before it's processed.  Involve us in your assesment stage to maximise the effectiveness of the process.

  • Allows a proactive approach to be implemented in relation to fault seam control by grouting several weeks, months and or years prior to actually mining through the area.
  • Productivity will increase as a result of reduced incident of cave-in that delay the Longwall progress.
  • Productivity increases of many times through fault zones has been reported.
  • The process of Pre-consolidation also provides valuable investigation of strata.  A bonus for Geotechnical engineers.