Benefits of Backfilling:

Backfill grouting is the art of pumping environmentally safe cement grouts below slabs, behind walls, under roadways, around pipes, and in fact anywhere a void exists. This is required to stop the movement damaging the structure.

If you own, manage or maintain commercial or industrial property you need to be aware of our well thought out grouting services. The life of any concrete slab, especially in Industrial complexes is reduced very significantly when voids form below the slabs.

It is known for voids to form below brand new concrete slabs. Voids allow movement of the slabs when heavy trucks and forklifts traverse the slabs. Cement Grouts used in Backfill Grouting are far superior in their ability to carry loads. Our grouts carry loads of up to 2,000 tons per square metre.

Without support of backfilling the slabs bend under these loads, crack and eventually break. Our cement grouts carry your loads amply and our high production processes will allow you back on your slabs in less than a day. Faster if you need it.  Compare how long does it take to remove and replace concrete slabs?

Water accelerates the destruction of slabs. When water, from any source gets below the slabs, it provides a medium to bring the fine particles of dirt and soil to the surface. This process is called pumping and can be observed when heavy trucks and forklifts drive over the slabs.

Sealing the joints to stop water from getting below the slabs is not the answer nor does it last very long without backfilling. This is because the slabs move and distort and damage the seals. The movement of the slabs must be stopped first.

Further to this the moving slabs, cause damage to the slab edges.  This means there is now nowhere to bond a seal to. So if you own or manage an industrial or commercial property it makes a lot of sense to keep the voids below the slabs full. We know this from experience.

So contact GrouTech to get one of our professionals to provide you with a free no obligation overview on how we could address sunken slabs in your property.

  • Backfill Grouting re-supports concrete slabs which means they don't bend and break.
  • Backfill grouting stops the slabs pumping out fines. Removal of the fines make the voids larger which accelerates slab cracking and breaking up.
  • Backfilling is more economical than replacement of concrete obviously saving money.
  • The process virtually has no disruptions compared to slab removal and replacement.
  • Joint Edge Damage virtually doesn't occur because slabs don't move up and down.
  • The process prolongs joint seal life because slab movement is stopped which means the seal can't distort, tear, or de-bond.
  • In most cases Backfill grouting will negate having to do any joint sealing saving even more money.
  • Filling voids also stops water leaks. This is achieved by taking away reservoirs below the slab in which water is held.