Sand Stabilisation

Permeability Reduction Benefits:

We often achieve what others can't.  An example of this is saving of Lake Kounpee on Stradbroke Island from environmental disaster.

We constructed a DAM in sand two 275m long by 12m high - FIFTY METRES BELOW THE SURFACE WITHOUT EXCAVATION!

Mining had damaged the indurate sand layer forming the perched lake.

The water level in Lake Kounpee was unfortunately lowered due to this mishap. GrouTech were asked if we could construct a 'Grout Curtain' below the surface to correct the problem. Trials were done and designs were prepared.

The work involved drilling to sixty five metres deep and solidifying the sand with a completely safe and non toxic cement grout. Grout was injected between the fifty metre level and the sixty five metre level thus constructing and underground dam wall approximately 15 metres high.

The project took less than thirty days to complete. Costs were less than two million. To build a dam by excavation would cost in excess of forty million so tremendous savings can be had with this process.

GrouTech had reduced permeability of this sand in orders of magnitude from 10-4 to over 10-7 metres per second. This is in the order of three to four orders of magnitude. Let us provide you with references for this work.

GrouTech have also solidified sand as a means of underpinning in several projects. Strengths to 40 Mpa have been achieved by this process. Strength gains of up to 4 Mpa overnight have been very beneficial.

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  • Create underground dams in sand without excavation
  • Control water intrusion into basement car parks
  • Manage Erosion in sand and granular materials for construction purposes

Solidification Benefits:

  • Solidify Sand allowing vertical faces to be constructed.
  • Increase the load carrying capacity of sand and increase it's density. Strengths of two to ten Mpa have been achieved in grouted sand.
  • Suitable for creating Underpins in Sand especially without casing meaning less costly site disruption.
  • A means of solidifying sand below pavement slabs so that removal of concrete to compact sand sub-base is no longer necessary.