Technical Grouting


An  overview of each of GrouTech's specialised services follows.  These services were developed to address the needs of Mining and Construction Maintenance Projects. 

Civil Engineers, Geo-technical Engineers, Mine Development Managers, and Mine Production Managers, will benefit from these services.

Contact GrouTech to get one of our professionals to provide you with more detailed information on any of these services.
Sand Stabilisation

GrouTech solidify sand to increase it's bearing capacity, or to reduce it's permeability.   These are the two primary objectives of this product.

Underground dams in sand, underpins in sand, or excavating in sand effectively employ new, state of the art, Sand Stabilisation Techniques.

Pre-Consolidation Grouting In Mines

Fault seams exists in coal and cave ins at fault seams play particular havoc with Longwall coal production.  We proactively consolidate fault zones to prevent cave-ins and downtime.

Our environmentally safe grouting process is takes place prior to the Longwall reaching the fault zone.    Contact us for references of successful projects completed.   ACARP reports are also available for this type work.

Non-Shrink Grouting

GrouTech have placed large quantities of High Early Strength grouts, that set in less than eight minutes.   This is achieved in very tight project time frames.

Up to five hundred bags per hour have been successfully placed using our techniques, experience, & equipment.

Epoxy Chockfasting 

GrouTech also place large quantities of Epoxy for machinery and gas compressor support.  These products set in less 90 minutes and has to be achieved in very tightly controlled time frames.

Seventy Five millimetre thick by one hundred square metre bases have been successfully placed using our techniques, experience, & equipment.