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We're an Australian owned Queensland Company. We are based in Brisbane. We do however attend to work in all states of Australia and increasingly being asked to assist with International work. We are Professional, Efficient, Competent, & Effective in our work.

The core of our business is Grouting... the professional approach to "mixing, handling, pumping and placing of materials that react and set."

Our policy is to use only environmentally safe grouting materials. For this reason we prefer to use cement grouts as opposed to chemical grouts. We have developed our Company products around handling safe cement grouts.

Our products are 100% safe

All of our products can be seen to be extensions or variations of grouting. In particular, we are experts in the controlled pumping of Grouts. We have not had a major failure in any one of our projects to date.

We believe this is due to our professional approach, our experience, our techniques and our considerable expertise.

As a Company, we have produced controls for all grouting situations. We have developed Quality Assurance Procedures and hold Quality Assurance Certificate Number 2430 to ISO 9002 for each of our defined grouting products.

How we're different

Our customer's include Government Departments, Mining Companies, Private Companies, as well as Individual and Industrial Property Owners.

We ensure our customers receive exactly what they are paying for, and that this Company functions in a quality conscious environment.

Grouting is more than a SCIENTIFIC process and in reality, it is an ART.  There is a lot of science in our methods and we are willing to share this with our clients.

Utilising our expertise we have constructed underground dams, solidified bauxite spoil, pre-consolidated mining strata, and trained various customers and their work forces in grouting.

Our guarantee

"Your pavement support or strata consolidation problem solved with downtime minimised... or an invoice will not be raised"

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