How To Grout

 Key Benefits:

We put theory into practice and approach the Grouting subject from a practical point of view.   These packages are intended to provide our existing clients with the knowledge to ensure projects that we are engaged on are successful.   Participants will learn about Non-Shrink grouts, Microfine Cement Grouts, Curtain Grouting, Consolidation Grouting, and more.

We offer from general discussions to very in depth training packages as a formal service. Our client's staff are tested upon completion and examination results are marked and recorded for your perusal.

These packages provide a very usable tool for our clients to clearly understand the art of practical grouting. 

Packages are individually priced to suit your budget, location, and requirements. In depth training packages can run from hours to several days for complete courses.  We can provide our own facilities for delivery of local events.

Contact GrouTech to get one of our professionals to provide you with a free no obligation overview on our training.

  • Supervise your Grouting projects "in house" with your own trusted people.
  • We train your staff so they understand and can run your grouting project with confidence.
  • Be in control of other grouting contractors attending to grouting work for you by knowing what you want and why, ensuring your project is delivered to your satisfaction.
  • Understand grouting specifications and how to apply them effectively.