Upcoming Events:

If you have a requirement to keep your engineering staff 'up to date' on various projects, then a seminar on grouting may be suitable for you. What grouting is, how it works, where it is used, choices of materials are all important when you need to attend to a grouting project.

Overviews of each of our products or discussions on Non-Shrink grouting, Microfine cements and their applications, case histories of projects are available.

Breakfast, Lunchtime or Evening seminars are easily arranged. Seminars are free of charge for up to 20 people and moderately priced over that as Inter, or Intrastate travel and accommodation may need to be considered for seminars away from Brisbane.

Get a contractor's, "point of view" on proprietary products used in the market place.

Key Benefits of Our Seminars:

  • Keep your staff up to date on the latest grouting techniques and methods
  • Industrial and Commercial seminars on our Pavement Maintenance Programs are highly valued by Property Managers, Owners and Tennants alike.
  • We are happy to provide alternative point of view speakers for your function or subject reviews. 


Seminars are being held weekly. 

Please call 07 3284 4033 for details and







Registration prior to admittance is essential.
Please register today by calling 1300 GrouTech
or email